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The Blueprint of Life.

DNA. The blueprint that makes you, you.
What exactly is DNA and how does it make you unique?

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Do You Know?

Many parts of our daily lives are influenced by genetic information, hover/click over each card to find out how it affects your daily lives!

Sensitivity to Coffee

Variants in CYP1A2 gene makes you either a fast metabolizer (who might not feel anything after coffee), or a slow metabolizer (who could feel jittery after drinking the same amount of coffee).

Medication Metabolism

Genetic variations in CYP2C9 can affect your body's metabolism of certain medications like warfarin and ibuprofen.

Muscle Repair

Did you know that the ability and speed of your muscles to repair themselves is primarily genetic?

Disease Risks

Some genetic disorders are recessive (inherit two defective recessive alleles of a gene, one from each parent). You can find out if you are a carrier of certain genetic disorders (only have 1 recessive allele).

Diet Management

Certain genetic variations (like PPARG, APOA2) are associated to sensitivity to fat, hence you might be more responsive to low fat diets if you want to lose weight.

Genetics and Ancestry

Your genes can tell you more about your family history, and more specifically where your ancestors might originate from.

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