Discover Your DNA.
Eat Right. Eat Smart.

How can your DNA affect your diet?
How much do you know about your own health?

Discover your genetic risks, tell us about your current lifestyle and eating habits, and get your own personalised diet plan.
It's time to eat smart. It's time to achieve your health goals.

Genes are what makes you,
uniquely you

The color of your eyes, your bodys response to medicines, how well your body takes in vitamins.

These are just some of the things that your DNA has an effect on you. Your DNA makes you unique.

What Can Your DNA Tell You
About Nutrition

Decode your genes. Discover traits that can affect you, and learn how you can start eating smarter.

Vitamin Deficiencies

13 traits

Food Sensitivities

3 traits

Diet Management

5 traits

Mineral Deficiencies

7 traits

What Would You Discover?

Are you a fast/slow caffeine metaboliser?

What are your risks of vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

What kind of diet could be more effective for you?

Are you eating smart? Are you eating right?

How It Works

From your toenails to the color of your hair, every part of your body contains genetic information.

With your genetic profile, combined with your health goals and current lifestyle, you will get a personalised report with actionable insights!

It's Time To Look At The Bigger Picture

Health is not one dimension.
To live smart and eat smarter, we will help you see the bigger picture, in many dimensions.

Your DNA Is Just The Beginning

You are born with a unique genetic blueprint. We will analyse nutrition-related genetic markers that are based on research.

Your Lifestyle Unlocks Another Dimension

Your body metrics, lifestyle, dietary preferences, physical activities makes up a large part of the bigger picture.

Your Health Goal Completes The Picture

Without a health goal, is like driving without a destination. Your health goal will serve as the main navigator when you're eating smart.

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