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What You'll Discover

Check your genetic predisposition to different health conditions, and receive personalised recommendations relating to your lifestyle and diet.

Deep SleepNew

The amount of time spent having deep sleep can influence how much your body’s tissues heal and grow. Find out how your genes influence the amount of deep sleep you get every night.

Language DevelopmentNew

Language development begins when you’re 8 months old, and your genes can influence your ability to learn and master languages.

Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderNew

Discover how likely it is for you to develop post-traumatic stress disorder after experiencing or witnessing traumatic event(s).

Reading AbilityNew

Genetics plays an important role in shaping your reading ability and how fast you can read and understand texts.

Tendency To Stay Up LateNew

Your preferences to be an early bird or a night owl is actually influenced by your genetics.

Alcohol Flush

Your genetics can influence how your body breaks down alcohol, which is reflected in your tendency to get the “asian flush”.

Absolute Pitch

This is a rare ability to instantaneously recognise and label tones with their musical note names without using a reference pitch for comparison.

Ability to Handle Stress

How you cope with stress can have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Ability to Memorise

Certain genetic variants of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is linked to better performance on memory and learning tests.

Cognitive Ability

Our ability to concentrate allows us to accomplish amazing things — when it’s working well. Besides distraction from environment, the ability to pay attention can also be due to genetic factors.


Our ability to think out of the box, as well as having divergent thinking can be influenced by our genes.

Learning Ability

Genetics can play a role in your learning ability and performance during childhood. Discover ways to improve and maintain your learning ability.

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What You Would Get In These Reports

Your Genotypes & Your Risk Result

Get your trait report, learn about the genes that are involved in the traits, and understand which gene variations you have.

Lifestyle & Diet Recommendations

Your report comes with personalised recommendations in diet, lifestyle and supplements, as a guide for you to make lifestyle changes to manage your risks.

Bonus information

Learn more about the traits, what other factors affecting the traits and what you can do to manage your lifestyle.

What You'll Get

Get an even more comprehensive understanding on your health risks based on your DNA.

Get recommendations on what you can do to manage other lifestyle factors.

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