Fitness Traits Reports

If you've ever wondered why certain fitness regime doesn't work for you, this is the time to find out. Your genes can influence your athletic performance, muscle properties and injury risk.

What You'll Discover

You will receive sport-specific insights and personalized recommendations different traits related to muscle potential, performance and recovery ability.

Muscle Power & Strength

Your predisposition to being able to perform power exercises, and your predisposition to having high or low muscle strength.

Muscle Endurance

Do you enjoy endurance sports? You can always improve if you work hard and smart. Find out if you have certain genetic variants similar to other endurance athletes.

Aerobic Potential

Discover whether your genes affect your VO2Max, which is usually linked to aerobic endurance that many athletes use to determine their overall fitness and it can be a predictor of your potential as an endurance athlete.

Sports Recovery Ability

Your recovery from exercise training is an important part of your overall training program and is essential for optimal performance and improvement.

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What You Would Get In These Reports

Your Genotypes & Your Risk Result

Get your trait report, learn about the genes that are involved in the traits, and understand which gene variations you have.

Exercise, Diet, Supplement Recommendations

Your report comes with personalised recommendations in diet, lifestyle and supplements, as a guide for you to make lifestyle changes to manage your risks.

Bonus information

Learn more about the traits, what other factors affecting the traits and what you can do to manage your lifestyle.

What You'll Get

Achieve your health and fitness goals by learning about how your genes plays a role in your fitness regime.

Get better results by personalising your fitness plan based on key information about your genes.

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Comprehensive DNA test with 40 reports on health risks, nutrition, fitness and inner potential.

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