Who Can Use Advanx Health Saliva Collection Kit

Advanx Health uses GeneFiX Saliva DNA Collection kits from Isohelix. It requires 2mLs of your saliva and it usually takes about 5-10 minutes for adults to produce 2mLs of saliva. Most people are able to produce the required volume of saliva.

However, our saliva sample collection method may not be suitable for: 

  1. People who are unable to produce saliva. If you are on any medications or have health conditions that reduces your ability to produce saliva, you might not be able to provide sufficient sample for our DNA analysis.

  2. People who are undergoing treatment that reduces white blood cell count, such as chemotherapy. If you are undergoing treatment that reduces your white blood cell count, you should wait at least two weeks after your last treatment, or until your white blood cell count has return to normal.

  3. People who have received a bone marrow transplant. As a bone marrow recipient, your blood cells may contain DNA from your bone marrow donor, while your cheek cells contain your own DNA. This could lead to failure in DNA analysis, and even if the analysis is successful, it might not be clear if the results were based on DNA from you or your donor.

If you have purchased a kit from Advanx Health for a person that falls under the categories stated above, you can choose to: 

Give the unregistered saliva collection tube to someone else Request a refund as per Advanx Health's refund policy.

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