Sending Your Sample Back To Us

Before you send your saliva sample back to us, make sure you have activated your saliva collection kit on Advanx Health's online portal.

Your saliva sample is stable at a wide range of temperature because it is mixed with the buffer solution in the saliva collection tube, and we recommend that you send your saliva sample back to us as soon as possible. 

When you receive your saliva collection kit, it includes a prepaid shipping envelope. All you need to do is place your saliva collection tube back into the plastic container, place the container back into the box, then place the closed box into the prepaid shipping envelope and seal it.  You can drop off your package at any Poslaju offices in Malaysia. It is pre-addressed and pre-paid. No other personal information is required. 

The shipping envelope also contains a tracking code. You can track the shipping status of your saliva through the courier's website.

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