Getting Started With Your Saliva Collection Kit

If you've just received your saliva collection kit, here's how to get started:

1. Activate Your Kit

Go to Advanx Health portal to get started. You will need to create an account (if you haven't) and register your saliva collection kit's unique ID (found on the saliva collection tube). This links your saliva sample to your account, so that you can access your reports securely through your account.

If you bought several kits for your family or loved ones, each of you will need to create your own account and link it to your own saliva collection kit. Currently we do not provide the option to register multiple family members under one account.

2. Provide Your Saliva Sample

Once your kit is activated and linked to your account, follow the detailed instructions available on the portal to provide your saliva sample.

It is very important to note that you should not eat, drink, chew gum, smoke at least 30 minutes before providing your saliva sample. This is to ensure the best quality and viability of your DNA.

The saliva collection tube contains a buffer solution that will stabilise your DNA and prevent bacterial contamination. Once collected and mixed with the buffer, your saliva sample is stable at a range of temperatures for 30 days. However we recommend that you ship your sample to us as soon as possible.

3. Send Your Saliva Sample Back To Us

Advanx Health provides a prepaid shipping envelope with each kits purchased. Once you have activated your kit and provided your saliva sample, follow the instructions and place your saliva sample into the prepaid shipping envelope. Send it back to us at your earliest convenience.

4. Track Your Saliva Sample

Once you have sent us your saliva sample, you can keep track on the status of your saliva sample from your account on Advanx Health portal. You will also receive email notifications for important updates.

5. Access Your Reports

Once your reports are ready, you will get an email notification. You can then access your reports online through your account!

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