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DNA Explorer

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Your DNA + Your Lifestyle = Your Health.

Blood tests, health checkups, these are all tools that can tell us what our current health condition is.
What about your genetic predispositions? Your DNA will not change, but you can still change your lifestyle to improve your health outcomes.

Begin your journey to better understand yourself by getting insights into the way your DNA influences your food & drink habits, fitness training, hidden potentials and health risks.

Your DNA loads the gun,
your lifestyle pulls the trigger.

What's Included In DNA Explorer

Get access to 40 comprehensive insights into your predispositions for health risks, nutrition traits, fitness traits and inner potentials.

Health Risks

15 reports

Alzheimer's Disease
Type 2 Diabetes
Coronary Artery Disease
Allergic Rhinitis
And many more ...
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Nutrition Traits

13 reports

Vitamin A Requirement
Calcium Requirement
Weight Gain With Carbs
Weight Gain With Fats
Folic Acid Requirement
And many more ...
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Fitness Traits

5 reports

Muscle Power
Muscle Strength
Muscle Endurance
Aerobic Potential
Sports Recovery Ability
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Inner Potential Traits

7 reports

Lactose Intolerance
Caffeine Metabolism
Alcohol Metabolism
Cognitive Ability
And many more ...
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Here's Why They Took Up DNA Explorer

Cheryll Wong

Head of Strategic Development,GoCar"I want to understand my body better to achieve the ideal body composition. I want to be fitter and healthier."

Michelle Chin

Ride Instructor, Ministry of Burn"Being able to find out more about my body through data-driven and scientific methodologies, to me, sounds like a no-brainer."

Sam Shafie

Co-founder & CEO, pitchIN"I want to learn more about my health and fitness traits, so that I can make improvements to my lifestyle."

Richard Bradbury

Program Host & Producer, BFM"I'm interested to see if my family health history is actually rooted in Science or family hearsay."

Christine Wong

Producer, BFM"I saw DNA kits on BuzzFeed videos and was intrigued!"

Kash Singh

Co-founder, pitchIN"I've heard that genes affects health and one's interaction with food. This is a chance to find out once and for all my genetic traits."

Jeff Sandhu

Executive Producer, BFM"I'm curious with the rise of medtech, and I want to find out what's best for my body, especially because I love Fooooooood!"

How It Works

From your toenails to the color of your hair, every part of your body contains genetic information.

With your genetic profile, combined with your health goals and current lifestyle, you will get a personalised report with actionable insights!

What You'll Get With
DNA Explorer

Get an even more comprehensive understanding on your health risks, nutrition and fitness traits based on your DNA.

DNA Collection Kit & DNA Analysisworth RM 699
15 Health Risk Reportsworth RM 499
13 Nutrition Trait Reportsworth RM 299
5 Fitness Trait Reportsworth RM 149
7 Inner Potential Reportsworth RM   49
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We want to empower you to take charge of your health.

First, we want to help you start by fully understanding your current health condition. Once you have a complete 360degree view of your health and wellnes, it becomes easier for you to identify the areas that requires improvement.

Working towards a healthier lifestyle is not an easy journey, especially with the vast information out there catered towards all kinds of health/wellbeing.
Every individual is different, which is why our reports will contain personalised information just for you.